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Level Up Your Writing
Course Overview and Instructions
Message from Course Creator
Getting to Know You

Level Up Your Writing
The PAGER Framework
Understand the Writing Process
Know Your Audience
Set Goals
BONUS VIDEO Writing to Influence with Samples
Exercise Your Skills
Recreate Content

Message from Course Creator
Evaluation and Certificate

Course Overview and Instructions


In creating any learning program for my students, I want it described in three words: simple, fun, and easy to remember.

The main lessons will be presented through a one-hour video.  Watch this while taking down notes then review the sections discussing each principle.

We have five goals to accomplish through this course:

  • Help you become familiar with the stages of the writing process.
  • Teach you the three levels that you need to check with your target readers.
  • Enable you to create your content using the P.O.W.E.R. Framework.
  • Exercise your writing muscles by remembering S.S.S.
  • Share techniques to ignite your creative zone even when you need to write every day.


Here are some reminders to make the most of your learning experience.

1. Set aside two hours to fully concentrate on the course. It may not be the same day as you signed up, but mark your calendar on when you will take the program.

2. Download and print your workbook.  Jot down notes while watching the lessons.


3. Feel free to type your insights or questions on the comment box.


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Survey and Certificate

Please answer a short survey when you finish the course.  You can also claim your certificate.  


Sharing of Content

Please do not share your account or the content of this course without permission from Writing Hacks Academy by any means, such as online posts or printed hand-outs.


Questions or Assistance

For any questions or assistance about your access to the course, please email [email protected].