Wordpress SEO Fundamentals

Discover how to rank your WordPress site consistently on Google and other search engines.

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Video #1) Introduction and Overview

Get into the right mindset or you to be able to get better, more consistent search engine rankings in the future

Video #2) What's the Intent of a Keyword?

Different keywords can mean different things, and not understanding where your buyer is in the process can set you up for failure.

Video #3) Getting Keywords and Understanding Latent Semantic Indeing (LSI)

Instead o Google Keyword Planner, we are going to use an easier tool that can get you the same results.

Video #4) On-Page Optimization Basics

Understand how on-page optimization works including URL structures, your domain name, and other timeless tips to follow.

Video #5) WordPress On-Page Optimization

Everything discussed in Video #4 will be implemented here. We'll discuss URL structuring, categories, and site structure.

Video #6) Creating LSI content

A site without content is nothing. You need content. So how should you write your articles or blog content to ensure they are SEO optimized?

Video #7) On-Page Consistency via Plugins

What WordPress plugins should you use? What settings should you use?  

Video #8) Authority Backlinks

What types of backlinks should you focus on or avoid? Why is Trust Flow important? What tools can you use to detect this? And much more.


Grab this video course now so that you can start ranking and driving traffic to your site consistently!


Welcome Message 2 minutes
Preparation 3 minutes
Course Overview Preview 5 minutes
Keyword Intent 10 minutes
Keyword Indexing 10 minutes
On-Page SEO 8 minutes
Application 10 minutes
Indexing 10 minutes
Yoast as SEO Plugin 10 minutes
Backlinks 10 minutes
Closing & Advertisements
Course Evaluation 5 minutes
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