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PART 1: How do you measure the success of written communication?

Let's define what "effective writing" is so you can create a standard to follow whenever you publish your content.  I will also share with you seven general principles you can adopt for any written material. 


PART 2:  What are the different types of writing?


Each type of writing has its own characteristics because you're targeting different types of readers. When you find out which category your writing task fits, it will be easier for you to structure the way you write. 
✓ I can also help you find a niche if you're exploring to become a freelance writer.


PART 3: What is the writing process and how can I use it?

Yes! Producing anything, including written materials such as business letters, sales correspondences, reports, or manuals require a step by step procedure. Knowledge of the process will help you become more efficient especially if writing correspondences or online content is part of your daily job.


PART 4: How will I structure my work? Is there a format to follow?


Cohesion and visual appearance also matter in writing. This topic will discuss the best way to start and close your communication, as well as tools to improve presentation impact.

PART 5: How can I write consistently?


The common problem of content creators is how they can publish regular content. Have you experienced starting a blog and left it without a published article in the last six months?
✓ Consistency requires tools and techniques. I will present how knowledge in project management can be the solution.


Dear participant,
If you're an aspiring blogger or an online entrepreneur who wants to create content to promote your business, your problem may either be one of these two things:
✓ Keeping the quality of your writing.
You want to make sure your target reader appreciates your content and respond according to the feedback you want.
✓ Writing consistently.
You understand that creating an impact and reaching your audience means writing regularly on online platforms.
The online course Create a System for Effective Writing will help you understand the process, style, and principles applicable to most forms of writing used in marketing and selling your services―blogs, sales letters, emails, and more.
You will also learn techniques so you can deliver effective and consistent content.
Accessing our video lessons and handouts is guaranteed to improve your productivity and efficiency in writing. I derived the lessons from my 12-year experience in marketing and communications to make sure you get relevant information.
The knowledge you'll gain will be useful for a long time.  You can review course materials in the future or share it with your colleagues.
See you in class!






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I help professionals and entrepreneurs achieve personal and business goals by teaching principles in marketing, communication, and productivity.

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