Branding 101

Attract clients for your freelance career or business using branding principles.

If you think competition is tough and freelancing is a different career game than what you're used to, learning about branding can help you.

These are the essentials you need to clarify:
  • Who will be the people or group who can benefit from your services?
  • What skills and expertise you can offer from the many talents you have?
  • How will you stand out without losing your values and who you are?
This mini-course will help answer these questions and connect your passion and values with the freelance opportunity you want to pursue.
When you're authentic and true to your brand, it will also attract the clients that you want and make your work enjoyable for you.


  1.  How Branding Can Help Attract Clients for Your Business
  2. How to Find Your Niche Market and Create an Offer
  3. How to Craft Your Brand Message
  4. How to Own Your Brand through the Written Content You Create
  5. How to Increase Your Reach through Branding by Association
  6. How Industry Leaders Capitalize on How Target Customers Perceive Them
  7. Why Defining Your Brand is Important Before Creating Your Marketing Plan

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What you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Downloadable PDF Handouts and Worksheets
  • Video Recording


Finding Your Niche
Tutorial Video and Niche Planner Worksheet 15 minutes
Boost Your Brand
Branding by Association 5 minutes
Closing and Certificate Instruction
Message from Your Course Creator 5 minutes
Evaluation Form 5 minutes

Jonah Chipeco

I help professionals achieve personal and business growth by teaching principles in marketing, communication, and productivity.

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